Public Policy

Setting Goals, Proposing Policy


Environment Sandy Springs seeks to support the City in better understanding the environmental dynamics at play in the watersheds so that policies can be developed with the objective of maintaining the current  or near-current tree canopy levels. In the commercial areas this objective might translate into more tree planting and a reduction of impervious surface as well as requiring better tree planting techniques, such as the use of silva cells for improved drainage during and following re-development. In residential areas it may translate into additional tree planting efforts beyond that required during re-development – guiding development away from sensitive habitats and ensuring the water quality of streams in various development  sites.

The significant benefit of organizing canopy analysis on a watershed and sub-watershed basis is that that a comprehensive interactive analysis can be conducted. Environment Sandy Springs recognizes that workloads constrain the ability of other environmentally oriented organizations to perform such functions which is why we will be seeking independent funding to perform some of the ideas listed above and share them with the city and community.

Protecting the Forest and Watershed Environments of Sandy Springs

The forest and watershed environments in Sandy Springs, more so than cities where large and / or numerous parks exist, are in our front and backyards so that we have some of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in the world – that are worth protecting. Some of our trees and creeks are in our recreational areas, and even some office parks but not in most of our commercial / retail settings or on our major surface streets … yet.  We hope to influence public policy to see more trees preserves and planted as we grow with new in-fill residential and commercial development.