Wildlife Inventory

In the interest of using Environmental Science to better inform the community about the condition of Sandy Springs natural resources – EES has partnered with Dr. Chris Mowry, Professor of Biology at Berry College to conduct a study that will generate data on the local wildlife population via cameras set-up in various locations.

The study is part of a larger effort by EES to evaluate the overall health of the wildlife in our urban forest as well as how to preserve or enhance the health of local natural resources such as creeks and streams that support a healthy ecosystem.

The wildlife inventory, which relies on a network of cameras, has been made possible through contributions of local residents. The hope is to get a better handle on the range and population of various species from birds to deer, foxes, raccoons, coyotes and other native and non-native animals.

Dr. Mowry, who has spent years studying wildlife populations, migratory patterns, and ecosystems is acting as a consultant to the study. The cameras, positioned primarily in designated privately owned greenspace locations, will give us a snapshot of various species residing or passing through and we’ll learn more about the big picture of environmental health.

EES also hopes to engage local students on the Wildlife Inventory project as part of our mission to help educate the community about natural resources and environmental biology.

Inventory Project Images

In this video we see a mink with prey. Courtesy of the Garrison family.

Wildlife Sighting

Although not apart of our Wildlife Inventory Project – here, as some of our dearest sightings so often are, is a quick view of some of the local inhabitants in the Whispering Pines neighborhood. Contributed by Christy Cleveland:

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