The Sandy Springs Forest Initiative


If you have lived in Sandy Springs for any length of time you have probably noticed the extensive verdant canopy, the large bird populations that include egrets, blue herons and hawks as well as a wildlife populations that include turtles, deer, fox and other species that share our ecosystem and are supported by a network of streams that flow into the Chattahoochee.

For this reason Environmental Sandy Springs (EES) takes a holistic view of the Sandy Springs ecosystem. Collectively, the community canopy, streams, wetlands, birds, wildlife and ecological habitats form a functional forest – the Sandy Springs Forest. It is within this context that EES has developed a framework for managing our forest that includes, protection of the canopy, healthy streams and the protection of sensitive habitats such as wetlands and specific ecological corridors.


An Emerging Environmental Agenda

We have utilized our view of the Sandy Springs forest to create an emerging environmental agenda for Sandy Springs based on three components:

  1. Protection of the Canopy from natural and man-made threats.
  2. Promotion of healthy streams.
  3. Protection of the ecological habitats and corridors of wildlife as well as of wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas.

The details of the emerging environmental agenda of Sandy Springs can be found under our Mission tab on this website. We invite you to visit and review this section and if you so choose – to offer feedback.