Marsh Creek Greenway Site Description, Master Plan and Benefits

Origins of the Marsh Creek Greenway

The concept plan for a Marsh Creek Greenway was created by Mario Cambardella, while a senior in the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Georgia and while he was an intern at the Sandy Springs Conservancy. Upon completion of the concept plan efforts were made to make the Marsh Creek Greenway a reality but there were too many obstacles for the project to go forward and the project lay dormant for many years.

Environment Sandy Springs became aware of it during research on our environmental modeling project and brought the project to the attention of the Sandy Springs Parks Director who has been very supportive of the project.

Site Description and Master Plan

The proposed site for the Marsh Creek Greenway is a sliver of land running from Roswell Road to the UPS Headquarters (about .95 miles). It is flanked by multiple apartment complexes to the North and a few to the South. It runs past the Weber School, the North Fulton Tennis Center and the proposed Aston Woods development, expanding in some areas to form wetlands and contracting in others to form small water falls and scenic areas with water flowing over boulders. There is one bridge on Glenridge Road that crosses over Marsh Creek. The woods surrounding the creek are thick with pines, hardwoods, sparse with tall grasses and colorful plumes near the wetland which lies close to the Tennis Center. Both areas are teaming with wildlife. So much so that it can make you feel miles from the “city.” It’s ideal as a passive park with trail, as an environmental aesthetic amenity and as an environmental education setting.

Benefits of the Marsh Creek Greenway

The Marsh Creek Greenway is a valuable community amenity for a number of reasons:

  1. The MCG extends the Abernathy Park Greenway by approximately 1 mile.
  1. In terms of area connectivity the Marsh Creek Greenway unites the Tennis Center area with the 14-acre public park surrounding Marsh Creek that Ashton Woods will be developing and deeding to the City.
  1. Cumulatively the Marsh Creek Greenway, the city’s Tennis Center and the 14 acres that the Ashton Woods will be donating to the City will form one of the larger City parks and certainly one of the most centrally located.
  1. A major feature of the design is that the Marsh Creek Greenway can be accessed from multiple entry points (see above). Because the Greenway contains wetland areas it can be a natural teaching lab for area elementary students.

Inclusion in the Sandy Springs Land Use Plan

Environment Sandy Springs worked with city staff, Councilman Gabe Sterling, and Parks Director Ronnie Young to get the Marsh Creek Greenway incorporated into the city’s Land Use Plan.