About Us


The Rains of 2009

During September 2009 the Metro Atlanta area experienced historic levels of rainfall during which portions of Sandy Springs experienced 500 year levels of rainfall while others experienced 100 year flood levels. Homes were flooded, properties eroded, some bridges were washed-out and infrastructure was damaged.

Emergence of the Sandy Springs Stormwater Coalition

Approximately a year later several neighborhoods and civic groups formed an ad hoc group – the Sandy Springs Storm Water Coalition, to lobby for a watershed protection program. After several years of lobbying the city agreed to establish the first community Watershed Improvement Plan.

Formation of the Environmental Sandy Springs

Upon the adoption of the Watershed Protection Plan several members of the ad hoc lobbying group felt that there was a need to form a more permanent environmental organization that would focus on the relationship between the health of the Sandy Springs canopy and water quality, air quality, and the expansion of the flood plain. The most critical portion of the EES mission is to promote the application of technology to our community’s environmental challenges. For an example of the type of projects that we are promoting, follow this link to our Clean Streams article. In May, 2013, Environment Sandy Springs was formed as a non-profit organization.